Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 54 - What Makes Me Proud to be a White Hawk

Today's post is from senior Callie Haakana 

Having been a student at Mound Westonka for 12 years, there are lots of things I take pride in. Our fan base is probably the most I take pride in. During sporting events, everybody is always cheering for the White Hawks even if we are losing by a significant number. Everyone is always peppy and talks with high remarks of Mound Westonka. 

When substitute teachers come into Westonka they always leave with good comments and wanting to come back after teaching for the day. That's what I take my pride in; knowing that we have an awesome student body that leaves adult talking with high remarks of us.

Another thing that makes me proud to be a White Hawk is how welcoming our student body is to new students and visitors. We have a good program for new students that makes them feel welcome to our school. It's not just our student body, but our teachers as well. Our staff is welcoming and kind to each student and that makes me proud to go to Westonka.

The last thing that makes me proud to be a White Hawk is our school spirit. Everyone walks the halls with their school spirit and joy of being a student at Mound Westonka. During our ups and downs everyone will still stand tall and represent Mound Westonka. All those reasons are why I'm most proud to be a White Hawk!

Macie & Callie

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 53 - Inspiration = MWHS Pride

Today's post is from guidance counselor Tina Kampa

I have been a MWHS Counselor for almost 15 years and I am proud to be a White Hawk! Nearly every day I leave feeling inspired by the people in this building.

Most importantly, our students inspire me!

Their talents and accomplishments amaze me. From the incredible art work that wins awards on a regular basis to the unbelievable number of DECA students who qualify for state and international competitions each year. Our students have talent!

Their selflessness inspires me. From Link Crew to the WALA service projects to showing a new student around on their first day. Our students are more than willing to help!

Their growth energizes me. They take advantage of opportunities, they overcome obstacles, they make mistakes and learn from them, they challenge themselves and each other, they build meaningful relationships with staff and they work hard! It is such a privilege to see the young 8th grade students walk into our building each year full of dreams and energy and walk out 5 years later as confident young adults.

I am grateful every day to work with so many other people who can say these same things…people who want to foster student growth, celebrate their accomplishments and inspire and be inspired by them. The MWHS staff and administration make me proud!

I have a favorite saying that I remind myself of often. It is: “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you got.” MWHS – Let’s keep doing what we’re doing because we’ve got a good thing!

Ms. Kampa & Oliver

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 52 - Pride in DECA Competition

Today's post is from 2012 graduate Connor Sir

Mound-Westonka’s halls echo with laughter and pride. From triumphs to times of turbulence, I would not trade my short two and half years at MWHS for anything. I was fortunate enough to transfer from Holy Family Catholic to Mound Westonka half way through my sophomore year; I consider this the best decision of my life.

Pride can simply be defined as a feeling of happiness or satisfaction when you, or someone you know, does something good. Being selfless is essential to have a pride driven community. It feels unfair to have to pick just one of the limitless experiences that made me the most proud throughout my tenure at Mound. The purest example of pride that I can remember is the accomplishments of my stiffest DECA competition, Brenna and Callie Mack.

My partner, Mitch Kern, and I created a customer loyalty program for the Minnesota Timberwolves. We cruised threw districts and state getting second place at both behind our good friends, Brenna and Callie. We developed a little bit of a rivalry that involved plenty of trash talk. I was convinced the only plausible reason that Mitch and I did not win state was because the judges were favoring the girls. We must have had the same judges at Internationals.

Brenna and Callie worked very hard, and we looked forward to competing against them on an International stage. Mitch and I did not advance to finals, while Brenna and Callie took first place in the world! Brenna and Callie deservingly kicked our butts. I was disappointed to not hear our name amongst the top in the world, but I instantly through my hands in the air hearing their name! They deserved it. Hard work, confidence, composure, and humility describe these girls perfectly, and they simply got exactly what they deserved.

This incredible accomplishment is just one of many prideful examples I had at Mound. The great leaders at Mound, specifically DECA, have contributed to some of the greatest memories of my young life. I am so proud to be a Mound-Westonka alum.

Mitch, Connor, Brenna & Callie

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 51 - From Farm to School Lunch Plate! Sustainable, local grown food at MWHS

Today's post is from parent and community member Charlie Wagner
We have all heard the saying, “you are what you eat!”

MWHS, we should all take pride in our school lunch program because of all the healthy changes that have recently been made. While speaking to Laura Metzger, head of the MWHS Lunch Program, she explained that MWHS recently received a grant that has enabled our lunch service to serve healthier food from local sources as often as possible. Due to this grant MWHS has partnered with the nearby farm, Gale Woods. Though we are only in the beginning stages, Laura is committed to getting the cleanest food available to our students. She shared with me that she thoroughly reads all the labels and tries to make positive choices that impact the health of the whole community.

Why does this matter to us?

This is a huge deal for our school on so many levels. First, it shows us that we have people in our food program that are aware of good nutrition and care for our community. A well balanced diet is necessary for children to do well in school and ultimately lead healthy and productive lives. Furthermore, many reports show that students perform better when fed real food that is fresh. Finally, this demonstrates how innovative the MWHS Food Program is. We are following in the footsteps of the respected Betrand Weber who started the “Farm to School Movement” in Minneapolis schools.

More Great News!

If you haven’t yet seen or heard of izzys soda pops, MWHS currently sells them. They are a great choice if your child is going to opt for soda, because they’re made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup, which normal sodas are filled with.

On top of offering healthy sodas, Laura serves fresh lettuce, spinach, carrots, apples, and even hot dogs from our local farmers to our children’s school lunches. Personally, I am excited to say to my girls "go ahead have a hotdog"! Something I would have never said in the past, until I personally spoke to Laura and she shared with me that all hotdogs at MWHS are from a local farm in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. How lucky are our kids to have Laura reading labels and being mindful of their health on our behalf. I’m so happy that my girls are able to choose from healthy options at school.

Thank you Laura for being a passionate leader in our district, I am so grateful for you. Ultimately, healthier food choices make me proud to be an MWHS parent!

Charlie, David, Coco and Ava Wagner

Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 50 - Why I am Proud to be a White Hawk

Today's post is from senior Shelbi Patterson

Between the strong community, amazing opportunities, and quality education, Mound Westonka is a school to be proud of. It is always encouraging to walk into this rare atmosphere in which students and teachers care about you. Never has a student needed help and not gotten assistance. Plus, think of the many opportunities offered here! 

There is a wide variety from football to the dance team. Sports are definitely not the only opportunities offered here! One cannot forget Quiz Bowl, Math League, the cheerleading teams! There is athletic and intellectual fun for everyone! Furthermore, Mound Westonka’s quality education is unbeatable! Every year, standardized test scores give our school something else to brag about. 

In addition, the staff members are beyond exceptional. Everyone generally wants students to succeed and thrive! As a result, students do thrive! This school is filled with students who try their best and take advanced and AP classes. Mound Westonka students care about academics, yet they care about those around them even more! 

Due to the small size of this school, everybody comes to know one another. Nobody is ever without friends! Generally, there is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in every classroom in which students can learn and grow. Students even help other students achieve success by aiding them with their studies. No other school can be found with a more welcoming atmosphere. 

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Mound Westonka has invested a lot of money in technology for students. Recently, iPads have been added into the curriculum, thus, in certain classes, they are heavily used for learning. Eighth graders get a device for the entire year!  These are the reason I am proud to a White Hawk! 

Katrina & Shelbi