Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 53 - Inspiration = MWHS Pride

Today's post is from guidance counselor Tina Kampa

I have been a MWHS Counselor for almost 15 years and I am proud to be a White Hawk! Nearly every day I leave feeling inspired by the people in this building.

Most importantly, our students inspire me!

Their talents and accomplishments amaze me. From the incredible art work that wins awards on a regular basis to the unbelievable number of DECA students who qualify for state and international competitions each year. Our students have talent!

Their selflessness inspires me. From Link Crew to the WALA service projects to showing a new student around on their first day. Our students are more than willing to help!

Their growth energizes me. They take advantage of opportunities, they overcome obstacles, they make mistakes and learn from them, they challenge themselves and each other, they build meaningful relationships with staff and they work hard! It is such a privilege to see the young 8th grade students walk into our building each year full of dreams and energy and walk out 5 years later as confident young adults.

I am grateful every day to work with so many other people who can say these same things…people who want to foster student growth, celebrate their accomplishments and inspire and be inspired by them. The MWHS staff and administration make me proud!

I have a favorite saying that I remind myself of often. It is: “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you got.” MWHS – Let’s keep doing what we’re doing because we’ve got a good thing!

Ms. Kampa & Oliver

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