Saturday, February 25, 2017

White Hawk Girl Hockey Pride

Today's post is from MWHS girls senior hockey captain Liz Schepers

I don’t exactly know where to begin when trying to explain what this team, this game, this community means to me, but here we go. The game I’m referring to is, of course, hockey. It seems that if there is one thing anyone knows about me it’s that I am a hockey player. I don’t mind, though, there is no better group I would want to be associated with.

They always say how fast your senior year goes by, but you never really know until you’re at the end of the road. Through my five seasons of varsity hockey there was never a time I was not proud to wear the White Hawks sweater. Even as a senior, I got goosebumps before every game, and celebrated each win as though I might never get that feeling again. The joy this team brought to the rink was infectious, and it was an honor to be their leader. It is difficult to put into words the pride I felt wearing the “C” on my chest for two seasons. It was so easy to lead a group of such driven, dedicated, and fun individuals. My teammates helped build me into the leader, person, and player I am today, and I owe them everything. They have a piece of any and every individual recognition I receive, and even though our season didn’t end the way we wanted, I hope they know how proud I am to call them my family and best friends.

Our success did not come easy, but the adversity we faced at the beginning of the season made our conference and section championships so much sweeter and brought our team closer together. People doubted us from the beginning, but we knew in in the locker room that this was the team we wanted to go to battle with. Our success also did not come without the incredible support of our families, and community members. I have never seen Thaler Arena as full as it was the night of our section semifinal win against Orono. As seniors, we cannot thank everyone enough for making our final home game better than any of us could have ever hoped for. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, our crowd at the section final game blew us away. Again, we are so grateful for your unwavering support, and I hope we made you proud. Even though come next year I will trade my red and black for scarlet and grey, I will always be proud to be a White Hawk! 

2017 MWHS Girls Hockey Conference Champs

Student Fan Section!

Captains Emma, Abbie, Liz and Ellie raising the Section Champs trophy!

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