Friday, December 2, 2016

1st Grader's at Hilltop share their pride!!

Today's post is from Melissa Abernathy and Gretchen Campbell's first grade co-taught class

We are first graders in Mrs. Abernethy and Mrs. Campbell’s class at Hilltop Primary School. We are really proud of how...
  • We are making new friends-Will P
  • We are raising our hands to share our ideas- Oliver B
  • We are respectful and listen when others are talking- Ethan A
  • We treat others how we want to be treated-Emma B
  • We are cleaning up what we get out- Addison B
  • We treat our iPads kindly-Aidan H
  • We say thank you when we get something- Ella P.
  • We “be” honest- Lillian O
  • We own our actions- Adam H
  • We are safe in the classroom-Lola P
  • We are kind- Toby S
  • We respect others-Tannor K
  • We are building stamina in daily 5. We read and write the whole time! Brynn H
  • We fill each other’s bucket Vinny S
  • We do our best- Vivianna D
  • We always go down the slide- not up! Brooklyn S
  • We respect others abilities-Julien E
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves- Drew J & Charlie S 
  • We follow the rules on the playground- Wengel H
  • We follow directions quickly- AJ R.
  • We be nice to our teachers- Ludo Z
  • We are kind to everyone- Cameron D
  • We use a 2 finger touch at tag- Leif K
  • We play nicely with our friends- Charlie F
  • We raise our goals- Tobin D
  • We move our furniture carefully in the classroom- Jonathan S
  • We do the golden rule- Kenley T
  • We are working hard in math to write equations- Tristan S
  • We work quietly- Ashlynn K
  • We use spaces between our words in our journals-Aspen F
  • We make a picture in our mind when we read- Connor P
  • We find “invisible kids” and invite them to play- Halle W
  • We get started right away- Alyson 
  • We write a lot of sentences in our journals- Wyatt S
  • We draw a math mountain to help us solve our math equations- Tyler D
  • We have fun at Hilltop- Brandon A
  • We use learning plans to create and keep track of our goals- Jacksyn Z
We are so proud of how hard our learners work and how they are kind friends to one another!- Mrs. Abernethy and Mrs. Campbell

Mrs. Abernathy & Mrs. Campbell and their 1st grade students
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