Friday, February 10, 2017

Hawkette Dance Team Pride

Today's post is from senior Kali Anderson

As a 5th year member and a captain of the the Hawkettes Dance Team, I have never been apart of such a hardworking team. Our season started out a bit shaky. We had strong dances, but something just wasn't connecting with the judges. So our team did something that we have never done before. Over winter break, we changed over 75% of our kick dance including the song. Our team worked so hard over the break and even after. If you have never talked to a dancer, you would never know how hard it is to learn basically a brand new dance in 2 weeks, and then compete that dance a week later. Our team pushed themselves to a new level in order to increase our scores and improve as a team. Not only did we change most of our kick dance, we made huge improvements to our jazz dance. With these changes we were able to become the Wright County Conference jazz champions. Even though we were not overall conference champions like we have been the past 4 years, we kept our heads high and pushed ourselves harder for sections.

Our team's drive after conference, is why I am so proud to be apart of such a great team. We did not look at our 2nd place conference finish as a failure. We saw this as motivation to become better. We wanted to become better, not only as a team, but as individuals. In order to become better, we need to come together as a team more than we ever have before. Teamwork is what sets our team apart from other sports. We all have to be able to execute each move in the exact same way as one another. This is why dance team is so unique because we all have be at the same level as one another. Also, in dance, you only get one chance to show the judges and everyone what you got. We do not have multiple tries to impress the judges. We are looking forward to see how we place at state this year. State is held at the Target Center. Jazz is on February 17th at 3 pm and kick is on February 18th at 2 pm. Come show your support for the Hawkettes Dance Team!

2016-17 Hawkette Dance Team
Hawkette Captains -- Kali, Ariel, & Lauren
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