Friday, January 6, 2017

Pride in being a parent and teacher in the Westonka District

Today's post is from Shirley Hills 4th Grade Teacher Deb Loomis

My introduction to Westonka schools began in the 1998-1999 school year when we moved to Mound and enrolled our children in the Westonka School District. As a stay at home mom, I jumped right in volunteering and joining PTA. It was then that I realized our children were blessed by incredible educators. The high quality of the district and the care our children received was clearly evident.

Next, at the prompting of one of our child’s teachers, I began to substitute teach in this District. I was then exposed to the educators in all four schools. I fell in love with the vision and the commitment to excellence. In 2002, I joined the District as a full time employee and have been here since. I continue to love the push for distinction and educational greatness.

These last six years, I have spent teaching fourth grade at Shirley Hills Primary. Recently personalization has been an improvement implemented to increase student engagement in learning. It has been exciting to see students partner in the ownership of their learning. I have been blessed to be involved in a District that garners great respect. I have been equally blessed to have a job that I truly love!

Math Personalization

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