Friday, December 16, 2016

Pride in new MWHS learning spaces

Today's post is from 10th grader Grace Elling

As a sophomore at Mound Westonka, I have experienced over two years at the high school. What is different about this year is that I have the opportunity to get out of the closed in classroom and go to a place where I am able to learn in an accommodating space. I have used the Student Commons, the Q Zone, and the C Zone. All of these areas have different aspects that allow me to learn how I want and with other students I feel I work best with.

Being able to use these spaces during Honors Chemistry has given me a better way to communicate with other students and differentiate my learning. We have taken learning style quizzes in classes but never had the availability to learn the way that works best for us until now. I am thankful for these spaces because now I am able to learn the best way that is possible for me. Hopefully more classes partake in this great opportunity for students in the near future!

 Grace and other students working in the new MWHS Student Commons

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