Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 97 - The New Top 20 Leadership Program

Today's post is from senior Sami Hales

When I started out at MWHS, I never thought of the opportunities I would be given as a student here. I was just an eighth grader, no idea what I wanted to do after the five years here were up. I think my proudest moment so far as a MWHS student has to be continuing my senior year with pride and joining the Top 20 Leadership program that is new to the school. Being apart of the growth of a new program is always something I will be proud of. The process has been rough, considering it is new and everyone is new to it. It has been fun getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people at the greetings that were held at Delano High School. Who I am as a person is something I am proud of, and sharing with others is an amazing thing.

I got to know so many people from the meetings and got to show maybe a side of myself that I wasn’t even sure of. I have always been told by my teachers and even got a White Hawk Award for being a natural born leader. I’m not your normal stand out leader though. I kind of sit in the back, observe and try to encourage others to make the right choice. I always tend to be the leader in groups and make decisions when it comes down to it. Even at the meetings at Delano, I tended to be the one who spoke up first and continued the conversations and answered the questions we were told to answer. I never saw myself as a leader, because who I am is generally a quiet girl, who does as she’s told by her teachers, parents, or other authorities. I am proud of who I am, and I am proud to say that being a Mound Westonka student has brought out these qualities that I will always appreciate and that my peers have noticed about me over the time I have been here. I thank those who have been apart of my growth and I know it will follow me to my career.


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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 96 - Nordic Ski Team Adventures at Maplelag

Today's post is from 8th grader Laura Overbo

A few weeks ago, the MWHS Nordic Ski team spent the weekend at MapleLag. We drove six hours north to the Duluth area. I (and the rest of the first-timers) we extremely excited. Once we got there, we all got into our cabin-like rooms and turned in for the night. I felt really proud that night, just being there with the rest of my teammates. They really made me feel like I was a part of a team, and I’m very happy to be a part of such a tight-knit team. 

We did a lot of skiing!  The craziest skiing was when we went down a hill called Suicide Hill. You can imagine the impression that name made on me. As we skied about a half hour down a trail, we came to a sudden intersection, people squirming every which way. We noticed the steep drop about 20 feet away. People were also skiing down a homemade ramp! As I inched forward, someone from behind (a friend) pushed me down the hill. I sped down, wobbling (I’m not the steadiest skier yet…) down and over the ramp. I flew into the air and stuck the landing! Everyone was cheering me on!

I really love the coaches and they make me feel like I’ve accomplished something every day. Being on this team boosted my self-esteem. I’m also a bit sad that a lot of the girls are seniors, and I hope more join next year. This has definitely been one of my best experiences of my 8th grade year!

Laura and the Nordic Ski Team

Nordic Skiing Soccer


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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 95 - Band Superior Success and Pride

Today's post is from MWHS Band Director Gretchen Chilson 

Yesterday, we hosted our region’s band contest. 11 bands, from 5 schools, performed 11 concerts, in 5 hours. With around 400 extra students in the building, that’s a huge undertaking! My students’ primary job was to perform, and they did so – VERY well. Symphonic Band (mostly underclassmen) earned an Excellent rating, and our Wind Ensemble (auditioned band) performed the best I’ve ever heard them, earning the top “Superior” rating from all three judges. They had an awesome educational and musical experience, and learned a lot from the judges who worked with them. Wind Ensemble was so proud of their job well done that they were still glowing the next day in class!

As amazing as the performances were, they are only a small part of why I'm so proud of my students. They also served as hosts for bands from other schools, helpers for the judges, and worked at our concession stand. In short, the students hosted the entire event – and I got countless compliments on their work. Directors from other schools said, “Your kids were awesome -- They answered all my questions.” And, “They were everywhere, just offering to help!”

Did I mention that 3 of the band students found time in between their band responsibilities to go to dance practice so the Hawkettes are ready for state on Friday? Or that at least 3 of them played entire hockey games between band events (and they all won!)? It’s a great day to be a White Hawk, where coaches, advisors, and teachers can work together so the best students in the school can represent all of us.

But what really wowed the folks from other schools? They couldn’t believe that the principal and the activities director were directing traffic, holding doors, and generally helping the event to run smoothly! They loved how helpful our band booster parents were – dedicating countless hours to organize concessions and helpers for supervising homerooms for our guests. It was clear to our guests that Westonka believes in a team effort!

I often complain that we don’t have an auditorium. I mean, we held this major performing arts event in our GYM (displacing countless basketball practices – many thanks to those coaches, too). But, in typical MWHS fashion, the band students were classy, and stepped up to show everyone, including our guests from schools with fancy auditoriums, that we take pride in how we do things here --- and they left a lasting impression. I couldn't be more proud.

Here is a link to the recent Wind Ensemble Contest recording.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 94 - Proud to Represent the Westonka Schools

Today's post is from Community Education Director Joel Dahl

As the Director of Community Education and Services, part of my job is to promote the Westonka Schools within and outside of our community. Thanks to the amazing students and staff that we have at Westonka, I have found this to be a pretty easy thing to do. I feel very honored and proud each and every time that I get the opportunity to share about all of the great things that are happening in Westonka. From the high test scores and academic success to the athletic and fine arts accomplishments, there is so much to be proud of.

Those of us who live and/or work in Westonka know how special our community and schools are. However, Westonka is still a hidden gem. Many of the people that I speak with and present to have no idea where Westonka is but, most if not all of them have heard about the great things that are happening here.

The entire community education and services team works very hard at providing lifelong learning opportunities to students of all ages from the earliest of learners in early childhood to our adults and seniors. Our programs are a continuation and extension of the great things that happen during the school day and throughout the school year. We are all proud to say that we are a part of something truly special and unique.

I would like to wish all of our students and staff best of luck on the remainder of the school year. Continue working hard and achieving those exceptional results that make us all proud to say that we are from Westonka!

L to R: Mr. Lynch, Mr. Schugel, Mrs. Heyer, Ms. Broich, 
Mrs. Miller, Mr. Dahl and Mrs. Grube

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