Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 97 - The New Top 20 Leadership Program

Today's post is from senior Sami Hales

When I started out at MWHS, I never thought of the opportunities I would be given as a student here. I was just an eighth grader, no idea what I wanted to do after the five years here were up. I think my proudest moment so far as a MWHS student has to be continuing my senior year with pride and joining the Top 20 Leadership program that is new to the school. Being apart of the growth of a new program is always something I will be proud of. The process has been rough, considering it is new and everyone is new to it. It has been fun getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people at the greetings that were held at Delano High School. Who I am as a person is something I am proud of, and sharing with others is an amazing thing.

I got to know so many people from the meetings and got to show maybe a side of myself that I wasn’t even sure of. I have always been told by my teachers and even got a White Hawk Award for being a natural born leader. I’m not your normal stand out leader though. I kind of sit in the back, observe and try to encourage others to make the right choice. I always tend to be the leader in groups and make decisions when it comes down to it. Even at the meetings at Delano, I tended to be the one who spoke up first and continued the conversations and answered the questions we were told to answer. I never saw myself as a leader, because who I am is generally a quiet girl, who does as she’s told by her teachers, parents, or other authorities. I am proud of who I am, and I am proud to say that being a Mound Westonka student has brought out these qualities that I will always appreciate and that my peers have noticed about me over the time I have been here. I thank those who have been apart of my growth and I know it will follow me to my career.


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