Friday, February 3, 2017

MWHS Senior Mural Pride

Today's post is from seniors Ava Wagner and Quinn Tice

The 2017 senior mural is finally complete!

This piece focuses on the growth that each student undergoes in high school. We decided to show the transformation that takes place in these formative years. A unifying factor in all of our lives is Lake Minnetonka. 

We placed a map of it in the background as it has been a part of so many memories with our classmates. The physical progression that a high school student encounters is demonstrated in the figures in the foreground as they are growing up. 

From left to right, the figures go from eighth to twelfth grade. For the eighth grader, we put an extremely heavy backpack on them to show the stress and shock of high school that we remember experiencing. In remembrance of our classmate Joe Goldenstein who passed away in our freshman year, we painted a blue shirt on the figure, as it was his favorite color. 

Additionally, we added his football number to the backpack. Sophomore year we added car keys to symbolize the newfound freedoms that come with having a driver's license. Come junior year, the backpack came off and a chromebook was added to illustrate how digital all of our course work has become. For senior year we chose the most iconic moment in high school that we all look forward to, graduation day.

Be sure to check out the mural in the senior hallway, outside of the media center.

The Mural Team:  Quinn, Ava, Evan, Mrs. Hensley, Tiffany, Emma & Brianna 

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