Friday, October 28, 2016

Week 6 -- Hitting the School District Lottery

Today's post is from parent and community member Sarah Reinhardt

In 2001 we stumbled into the Westonka School district unintentionally; drawn to the area by majestic Lake Minnetonka. We didn’t know it at the time, but we hit the school district lottery. The list of reasons to have pride in our schools is long and distinguished. I could drone on with pride about all the small school advantages and big school opportunities we have at Westonka. First and foremost though I am most proud of the education my children have received. Charlie is a sophomore and Jack is a recent 2016 MWHS graduate.

As we sent Jack off to the University of MN this fall I am so thankful that MWHS did such a fine job preparing him for the rigors of college. Specifically I am proud of the math education that he received at Westonka. (I am sure the entire blog-o-sphere did a collective groan just now.) Math isn’t a sexy or glamorous subject. It isn’t the “new” class that gets all the praise and glory. Yet, math is so important. The math teachers in all the Westonka schools are amazing. They are always willing to help the line of students waiting at their classroom doors in the morning and afternoon. Pride is cultivated daily in the halls of all of the Westonka schools. From the primary school days of Continental Math League, Math Masters competitions in middle school, Advanced Placement courses at the high school, we have a top notch program preparing our students for the future.

Jack, Sarah, Mark & Charlie

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