Friday, February 17, 2017

Community Pride

Today's post is from WeCAN Executive Director Christie Larson

WeCAN is proud to partner with the Westonka Schools in many ways. We are thankful each year for the hundreds of personal care items, toys and other items cheerfully and generously donated by the district’s staff members and families.

We are proud to share our space with the district’s GED and ELL classes each week. The students in those classes are thankful for the opportunity to learn and have inspiring messages to share with each of us.

We were proud to accept hand-tied blankets from students in the Student Senate and DECA’s “Because I said I would” project a few weeks ago. Even though the students planned another service project for Martin Luther King Day, they gathered to make the blankets on the weekend, “because they said they would.”

We appreciate the students’ pride in their community and their commitment to making their community a better place to live, a sentiment that echoes our own.

Thank you, Westonka students and staff, for everything you do for our community. You make us proud!
Hand-tied Blankets
Grandview and Hilltop Food Drives
MWHS Senate Drive
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