Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pride in our Wrestling Program!

Today's post is from MWHS head wrestling coach Todd Munsterteiger

I’m sitting here today, Friday, March 17, 2017, reflecting on my 21st year as the head wrestling coach at Mound Westonka High School. We had our end of the year banquet on Tuesday, so for all intents and purposes the season is over, although it never completely ends, because I am already planning and looking forward to next year. Although this is a bittersweet time of the year- I miss the intense schedule, action, being in the moment-I also appreciate the time off and enjoy planning our next journey. One thing is crystal clear as I evaluate where we are at: we have a quality program, top to bottom, and this is a direct result of a tremendous amount of work and support from our parents, athletes, coaches, administration, and community. 

The tangible results and numbers are undeniable. We have the best numbers program-wide that we have ever had, we have had a tremendous amount of success at the youth level with severals wrestlers competing well at the national level, and we had five state entrants and a section runner-up team at the varsity level. We have a booster club that raises thousands of dollars through countless hours of volunteer work, that gives our wrestlers more resources and opportunities to improve. We have a core coaching staff that has been together for 17 years and have added quality coaches as of late that have competed at the collegiate level. 

This alone would indicate the qualities of a successful program, but what sets us apart, and is most important to me, is that we are helping to raise quality men. Through the literal blood, sweat and tears that we share with our athletes in the toughest sport in the world, they are learning life lessons on a daily basis. Lessons on the value of hard work, dealing with adversity, and winning and losing with dignity and grace. I am confident that we are successful with our ultimate goal of turning boys into men that will be great sons, husbands, fathers and productive members of society.

So as I end my current reflection on the state of the program, I can rest assured that we are truly great and accomplishing our goals. I have an inner peace knowing we are making this world a better place one wrestler at a time, and has always been the case, I am proud and privileged to be the head wrestling coach at Mound Westonka High School.

2017 MWHS Wrestling Section Team 

2017 Section Place Winners

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