Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 45 - White Hawk Pride

Today's post is from senior Lucas Dussaut

Throughout the Country there are schools littered about, some better than others. Some schools have constant outbreaks of violence and hate that comes as a result of an uneducated and ignorant student body and sometimes staff. When I look at these schools it makes me proud to be a student at MWHS.

MWHS gets top test scores not only in Minnesota but all throughout the country. From elementary school to high school we are consistently in the top tier of Minnesota schools and Minnesota is in the top tier of the country’s educational system. When I see our high test scores it makes me proud to be a student at MWHS.

MWHS is not only an educated school but with that education comes a level of respect for the staff and student body that is unheard of in some parts of Minnesota and most parts of the country. You may hear of a student fight once in a school year but these have always ended without bloodshed. There is absolutely no violence based on race, gender or sexual orientation and it is this level of love and tolerance for the fellow classmate that makes me proud to be a student at MWHS.

I’ve been at this school for four years now and in the district my whole life. Growing up proves to be a challenge to all children but being placed in the right environment can drastically affect the level of stress put down on your shoulders. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. I couldn’t have asked for a better village to be raised in and it is in that statement that it makes me proud to be a student here at MWHS.

Lucas and Westin

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 44 - White Hawk Years

Today's post is from freshmen, Marrio Henderson

I am a freshman at Mound Westonka High School, and I’ve been a White Hawk for about three years. It’s been great, fun and crazy in a good way. I play basketball, football and run track. When you’re in a sport or activity it’s like adding new members to you’re family. When you’re down, the White Hawks try to cheer you up, and when you’ve accomplished something -- they praise you.

Academics is emphasized because Mound Westonka wants you to succeed in life. The teachers here are awesome. You’ve got the strict teachers who aren't trying to be mean, they just want you to succeed; and you have the nice teachers who also want you to succeed but have fun doing it.

Westonka doesn't just let you pass -- they push you to your potential. If they don’t believe you’re working as hard as you can they will push you and push you until both of you believe that you are doing your best. Like I said, they just want the best out of you if you give them your 100% they will give you their all. Overall this school is great and I'm proud to be apart of it.

Charlie & Marrio

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 43 - What it's Like to be a Mound Westonka White Hawk

Today's post is from sophomore Holton Stricklen

I could sit here and tell you what my daily life is as a Mound Westonka White Hawk, but instead I'm going to tell you about my past. My name is Holton Stricklen, and I am early into my sopohmore year. Born and raised in Mound, I changed schools twice in my school career. In the first grade my parents had the option to have me attend the Blake School System.  I did that and then came back to Mound the year after. 

I changed again in 7th grade into Edina, and once again I came back the following year. Being in those two schools wasn't anything like Mound Westonka. I clearly remember in Edina a teacher having to ask me what my name was almost every other day. With the big school it was hard to find your way around.  We have a small school with big school opportunities. Having small class sizes, teachers get to know you, teachers actually care how you plan on living the rest of your life, and they want to help you succeed. There isn't a better feeling than walking into a class and being able to know that they want to help you. 

Playing sports is something I balance in my daily life.  The bonds, relationships and friendships you make are priceless. I will never forget this past hockey season. Unfortunately, this fall I decided to not play football for an opportunity to play hockey and be coached by very good coaches. I have had fun playing football in the past and still have the friends I made while playing. I enjoy coming to school to see all my friends every day. I hope this describes how I feel and what it is like to be a Mound Westonka White Hawk. This is my MWHS Pride!

Wilson & Holton

Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 42 - Small School, Big Spirit

Today's post is from Ashley Luehman, MWHS Sophomore

I have spent the past two years committed to MWHS. Never once have I came across a reason to dislike it. There seems to be an activity for everyone to do. Personally I participate in multiple sports. That’s something that larger schools can’t offer you because there is so much competition for even a spot on the team. Yet our small school tries to make every effort to allow anyone that wants play that option. 

People may think this holds us back but it has never been a problem. Last year for the first time ever girls hockey went to state! In DECA we send massive amounts of kids to the state competition every year. Many of those students move on to compete at DECA Internationals. Our Dance team has consistently participated in state over the past few years. In almost every sport and activity, MWHS offers students a way to excel. From trap shooting to ping pong to the Science Olympiad, we leave our competitive and skillful mark. 

What I love most about MWHS is the support that your peers give you. For soccer we wear game day shirts that let people know we have a home game that day. No matter what class I’m attending, people encourage me and wish our team good luck. That gives me pride. That is why I am proud to be a White Hawk!

Megan, Ashley and Taylor