Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 42 - Small School, Big Spirit

Today's post is from Ashley Luehman, MWHS Sophomore

I have spent the past two years committed to MWHS. Never once have I came across a reason to dislike it. There seems to be an activity for everyone to do. Personally I participate in multiple sports. That’s something that larger schools can’t offer you because there is so much competition for even a spot on the team. Yet our small school tries to make every effort to allow anyone that wants play that option. 

People may think this holds us back but it has never been a problem. Last year for the first time ever girls hockey went to state! In DECA we send massive amounts of kids to the state competition every year. Many of those students move on to compete at DECA Internationals. Our Dance team has consistently participated in state over the past few years. In almost every sport and activity, MWHS offers students a way to excel. From trap shooting to ping pong to the Science Olympiad, we leave our competitive and skillful mark. 

What I love most about MWHS is the support that your peers give you. For soccer we wear game day shirts that let people know we have a home game that day. No matter what class I’m attending, people encourage me and wish our team good luck. That gives me pride. That is why I am proud to be a White Hawk!

Megan, Ashley and Taylor

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