Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 52 - Pride in DECA Competition

Today's post is from 2012 graduate Connor Sir

Mound-Westonka’s halls echo with laughter and pride. From triumphs to times of turbulence, I would not trade my short two and half years at MWHS for anything. I was fortunate enough to transfer from Holy Family Catholic to Mound Westonka half way through my sophomore year; I consider this the best decision of my life.

Pride can simply be defined as a feeling of happiness or satisfaction when you, or someone you know, does something good. Being selfless is essential to have a pride driven community. It feels unfair to have to pick just one of the limitless experiences that made me the most proud throughout my tenure at Mound. The purest example of pride that I can remember is the accomplishments of my stiffest DECA competition, Brenna and Callie Mack.

My partner, Mitch Kern, and I created a customer loyalty program for the Minnesota Timberwolves. We cruised threw districts and state getting second place at both behind our good friends, Brenna and Callie. We developed a little bit of a rivalry that involved plenty of trash talk. I was convinced the only plausible reason that Mitch and I did not win state was because the judges were favoring the girls. We must have had the same judges at Internationals.

Brenna and Callie worked very hard, and we looked forward to competing against them on an International stage. Mitch and I did not advance to finals, while Brenna and Callie took first place in the world! Brenna and Callie deservingly kicked our butts. I was disappointed to not hear our name amongst the top in the world, but I instantly through my hands in the air hearing their name! They deserved it. Hard work, confidence, composure, and humility describe these girls perfectly, and they simply got exactly what they deserved.

This incredible accomplishment is just one of many prideful examples I had at Mound. The great leaders at Mound, specifically DECA, have contributed to some of the greatest memories of my young life. I am so proud to be a Mound-Westonka alum.

Mitch, Connor, Brenna & Callie

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