Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 50 - Why I am Proud to be a White Hawk

Today's post is from senior Shelbi Patterson

Between the strong community, amazing opportunities, and quality education, Mound Westonka is a school to be proud of. It is always encouraging to walk into this rare atmosphere in which students and teachers care about you. Never has a student needed help and not gotten assistance. Plus, think of the many opportunities offered here! 

There is a wide variety from football to the dance team. Sports are definitely not the only opportunities offered here! One cannot forget Quiz Bowl, Math League, the cheerleading teams! There is athletic and intellectual fun for everyone! Furthermore, Mound Westonka’s quality education is unbeatable! Every year, standardized test scores give our school something else to brag about. 

In addition, the staff members are beyond exceptional. Everyone generally wants students to succeed and thrive! As a result, students do thrive! This school is filled with students who try their best and take advanced and AP classes. Mound Westonka students care about academics, yet they care about those around them even more! 

Due to the small size of this school, everybody comes to know one another. Nobody is ever without friends! Generally, there is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in every classroom in which students can learn and grow. Students even help other students achieve success by aiding them with their studies. No other school can be found with a more welcoming atmosphere. 

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Mound Westonka has invested a lot of money in technology for students. Recently, iPads have been added into the curriculum, thus, in certain classes, they are heavily used for learning. Eighth graders get a device for the entire year!  These are the reason I am proud to a White Hawk! 

Katrina & Shelbi

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