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Day 150 - Prideful/Favorite Memories of ICDC

Today's post is from the 2014 ICDC DECA Competitors

Twenty-three MWHS DECA students traveled to Atlanta Georgia last week to compete in the International Career Development Conference.  These students placed in the top three in their respective categories at MN State DECA in March.  They then competed against the top three from each state, Canada, Mexico and Germany at ICDC.  

14 of our 23 students OR 6 out of 10 teams advanced to the finals which put them all in the top 20 in the nation.  Abe Thaler & Kelsea Kern and Zach Altman & Mark Randklev placed in the top 20.  Tori Anderson, Chazz Edington & Derek Fuhrmann; Aaron Leschisin, Alex Lafortune & Sam LaTour and Alex Riffle & Courtney Simonson placed in the top 10 in the nation in their events. Finally, Nick Battis and Brock Locker placed 2nd in their role play!

DECA is over for the year...but the blog is not!  We decided today that we would get a small quote from as many of the students as we could.  Here are their favorite memory or prideful moment from the trip!

Junior Charlie Sir - ICDC was a week of fun and competition that I will never forget!
Junior Nick Battis - Just watching the amount of dedication and comradery this week was extraordinary. Couldn't be more proud to represent Mound Westonka DECA!  
Senior Derek Fuhrmann - Favorite ICDC moment - being stuck in the elevator with the rest of our chapter. Great bonding time.
Sophomore Sydney Wagner - My proudest moment was watching each and every one of us cheer, scream, and congratulate one another no matter how well our own group did.
Senior Tori Anderson - I became closer with and bonded with some people I probably wouldn't have if it weren't for DECA.  There is no better feeling than standing in front of 17,000 people applauding you for your success -- hard work pays off!
Sophomore Sammi LaTour - Proudest moment was making the stage twice in my sophomore year and ending up top 10 in the nation!
Junior Brock Locker - Favorite moment of ICDC was being announced for second place and getting up on that podium!
Junior Mitch Wanous - Favorite ICDC moment was going all out for the country concert!
Senior Zach Altman - Walking to the Georgia World Congress Center with Mark Randklev to receive our International Finalist Shirts!
Sophomore Alex LaFortune - My favorite moment was going on stage and then getting stuck in an elevator.
Junior Zach Niederer - Dressing up in cut off flannels and short shorts to get rowdy for the Brett Eldridge/Easton Corbin concert.
Junior Kelsea Kern - My proudest moment was going back from the awards ceremony early and NOT getting stuck in an elevator with the rest of my unintelligent chapter! :)
Junior Abe Thaler - When our team could even make a COUNTRY concert one of the funniest and best experiences ever!
Senior Trevor Omann - The awesome 30 minute team bonding experience in the elevator!
Sophomore Madi Nading - My favorite moment was the first night when we were all together and taking the pictures by the fountain because it was the first time in my life that I felt like I was truly a part of something. I looked around and saw everyone genuinely happy and sporting their DECA gear.
Senior Chazz Edington - My proudest moment was getting up on the stage with Derek and Tori even if we didn't take home the trophy.  
Senior Willie Maahs - My favorite part of ICDC is our chapter's ability to enjoy every moment.  We know how to get serious, prepare and perform to the best of our ability, but at the end of the day our chapter has the most fun out of anyone.  There is never a dull moment with this group and I will miss every minute of it!
Senior Courtney Simonson - I had an amazing time in Atlanta and placing TOP TEN in the nation was a great way to end my DECA career.  One of my favorite parts of the trip was Willie's "exclusive" tour of Atlanta.
Senior Alex Riffle - My favorite memory of ICDC was ending my senior year in DECA as a top 10 international winner with my amazing partner Courtney! Also, nothing beats a country concert in Georgia... Or getting stuck in an elevator in Georgia heat. I will miss my amazing advisors and teammates so much next year. Crazy to think a program that has shaped who I am in so many ways is over, but I will never forget the endless amount of things learned and unforgettable experiences.

23 MWHS DECA International Competitors

Here is a video created by Brock for the Wake Up Westonka announcements. 

If you have a story that you would like to share, please email for more information! We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Congrats, players and coaches on a job incredibly well done!!! The Westonka community is very proud of you! Mike Seats