Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 151 - Anonymous Pride

Today's post is from an Anonymous Life Long Resident and District Parent

Over the years of watching our kids grow up in this community many things have changed and many things remain the same….

Public school is such a funny thing to me. We send our kids to people we barely know and expect them to teach our kids based on what we have begun to teach our kids. When I think about the impact the staff in our district make every day it amazes me. They are there for our kids whether it is a good day or bad day in their lives. They help our kids to build on the foundation we start at home. Whether the foundation is wobbly or solid, these teachers and administrators work with great pride to provide our kids with a great education. The trick is, will our kids put the effort forth that these people are? That depends on us as parents. The teachers are not just here to teach the courses, they also work hard to teach our kids the life skills they need to be successful when school is over. Work ethic, responsibility, respect, dignity, fellowship, friendship, pride, accountability, and integrity: these life-long skills can be found in the walls of our district if we look for them.

Additionally, this community can band together like no other to support a family in need. We have watched as children have lost a parent, a teacher has a personal tragedy or illness, unexpected student deaths or a graduate of MWHS finds themselves battling an illness. People step up and do the next right thing. There is PRIDE in helping out a fellow community member and lifting them up by standing along side them during their struggle. Our kids watch these experiences and learn too to do the next right thing for someone else.

As parents we can be proud of our kids and the community we have chosen to raise them in. Have your kids thank their teacher today! Send an email to thank administration and their staff for their commitment to the education of our kids. Tell your kids you are proud of them! Reach out to a community member. You never know what the impact of you doing so will do for them! I can tell you from experience, the kindness of people in this community has changed has changed our lives forever!

If you have a story that you would like to share, please email for more information! We would love to hear from you!

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