Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 145 - Massive Track Team Pride!

Today's post is from MWHS Head Track Coach Sara Schwartz

Every year when the weather starts getting warmer, the sun starts to shine and the grass turns green I know track & field season is about to begin. Except this year the weather is not warm, the sun is rarely shining and there are snow flurries on April 30…and yet, none of this stops the MWHS track team! In fact, this season we have our biggest team ever with about 180 boys and girls in grades 5-12. This season you will find us in Thaler, in the weight room, in the wrestling room, running the halls and out on the track (on those rare days without rain or snow). We kind of take over MWHS each day at 3:00. If you happen to be at MWHS on spring days and see the track team there are a few things I hope you will see:

  • I hope you see a wide variety of kids ages 10-18 getting fitter and faster and having fun while doing it.
  • I hope you see the support that each of these kids gives each other, from our athletes who have been all-conference to the kids who are just learning what track is all about.
  • I hope you see the 8 amazing captains we have who know how to make each athlete feel important.
  • I hope you see the fantastic coaching staff that I believe rivals any coaching staff in MN for the caring, knowledge and skill they share with our athletes. They are simply amazing.
  • I hope you see that even though track and field is an individual sport, our athletes really focuses on being a team by cheering for each other, supporting each other and doing whatever it takes to make our team better.
I also hope you see a lot more sunshine and the track and field team out running on the track, jumping into the pits and throwing far into the field. But until those warmer days come you can find us doing all sorts of crazy things to stay in shape. This spring has taught me that while we are talented on the track, we also have some amazing jump ropers, weight lifters and dodgeball players on the team! Unexpected surprises is one thing I can count on during this unpredictable spring. It one of the many things that makes me proud to coach track and be a White Hawk.

2014 Track Captains - Dakota, BAS, Josh, Kole, Mackenzie, Sydney and Marielle

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