Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 144 - Lacrosse White Hawk Pride

Today's post is from senior MWHS Lacrosse Captain Gabby Smerillo

The pride I have for being a White Hawk grows every time I step onto the field with my teammates. The girls lacrosse team has a mix of girls from grades 7-12 and it's so much fun to see everyone come together at practices and games. That's where half of my pride lies, the fact that we all come together and play as a team. We are a close knit team who like to joke around but when it comes to practices and games we focus and do our part for the team.

The second half of my pride lies in our performance. Currently, the JV team is 1-1, who continue to get better every day. Varsity is 2-1, and now being in a conference we are striving for a near perfect record. We have been working hard and we hope our hard work pays off. We have a great set of coaches who are encouraging and dedicated to our team. Without them we wouldn’t be a complete team.

Our first two games were home games and we have never had many fans but for these two games we did, and that was incredible. It is great to have a community that comes and supports the different teams.

I am proud to call such a great group of girls my teammates!

Gabby and the MWHS White Hawk Lacrosse Team

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