Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 143 - Pride in the MWHS Softball Team

Today's post is from senior MWHS Softball Captain Megan Bryan

Everybody knows that spring is a hard and stressful time of the year for all students; future planning, after school jobs, studying for finals and much more. My favorite way to get my mind off the pressure and stress from school is to go out and play softball with my team. The softball program has suffered a loss of girls willing to play, so the numbers are not as big this year as they once were. We have a small team, but manage to fight through it. All the girls are showing great progress since the beginning of the season and are continuing to work hard to improve their game.

We are placed in a tough conference but continue to play stronger each game. The coaches are doing a wonderful job of working with every player individually to improve their skill level and work out anything they may need a little extra help with. All players (in any sport) have at least one thing that they need to work on; the girls on our team are willing and excited to work with the coaches to fix the things they struggle most with.

The softball team this year has a variety of girls in all grades. Although there is a large age difference between a lot of the team, we manage to make it work. I enjoy being a part of a group of girls that have become a family to me. I love being able to take a break from the pressures of school and work with a group of girls and coaches that has a positive impact on me every time I walk on and off the field. I am so proud of every single girl on the team, and I am proud to be a captain to them!

Megan and several MWHS softball players

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