Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 146 - Returning to Westonka to Teach

Today's post is from Grandview 6th Grade Teacher Jessica Rashleger

This week the blog will focus on people that have been a student in the Westonka Community and have returned to work in the district.

My name is Jessica Rashleger and I am a teacher in the Westonka School District. I am also a “Moundite” meaning that I was born and raised here. I went to Hilltop School for K-5, Grandview for 6-8 and the high school for 9-12 grades. I was a Mound Mohawk (one of the last classes). I truly enjoyed growing up in Mound and attending all of its schools. I received a great education and made lots of life-long friends. One thing I remember most about my childhood experiences here in Mound is going to Wolf Ridge, or Camp Isabella, as it used to be called. I still remember feeling so proud after going through the Ropes Course, feeling slightly queasy after eating a fried dandelion and feeling accomplished after paddling a canoe.

After I graduated college, teaching jobs were scarce. I was fortunate to be hired at Shirley Hills Primary School. I came to know the schools in a whole new light-now as a teaching professional instead of as a student. I have now taught in each school, except the high school, and am so proud of our schools, our staff, our families and our district as a whole. We offer so many opportunities for students. One of my favorite things about Westonka is that every teacher knows every child by name. Our schools are full of staff members who truly care about your child’s education and about them as a person. That is why I am a teacher and a parent here in our great district. I want my own children to be a part of all the great things happening at Westonka.

The Rashleger Family

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