Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 123 - Lifelong White Hawk

Today's post is from 2010 grad Charlie Maahs
There are a lot of contrasts between the University of Minnesota and Mound Westonka. Since moving on to college I’ve realized so many great things that Westonka offers that I took for granted during high school. One of the most incredible things that I’m very grateful for are the friendships that I developed in a small school.

I started in the Westonka school district as a kindergartner and continued all the way to graduation. During that time a lot of things can change, but fortunately for me a lot of things stayed the same. Over the years you get to know all of your classmates so well at Mound Westonka and the friendships can last for years. I met people on my first day of kindergarten that I sat next to during graduation, that’s so crazy! It’s really an incredible thing to meet people at such a young age and be able to grow up with the same friendly faces around you.

Now that I go to such a large school, I believe that the experience I had at MWHS is something that you won’t find at most schools. I’m grateful for the awesome people that I got to know so well at Westonka. Looking back, it’s a very cool feeling to look around at the end of high school and have great memories with so many different people. Today we may be Gophers and Badgers, or Tommies and Johnnies, but we will always be White Hawks, and that’s what I’m proud of.

Willie and Charlie Maahs

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