Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 122 - Play It Again

Today's post is from senior Lily Frenette

It's not easy starting a new activity, but starting an activity that requires hours of memorization seems impossible. But that's what I choose to do when I joined the school play, "The Odd Couple". I expected to get a small part, since it was only my first production, but I was surprised when instead I was cast as Olive, one of the leads.

It was a lot of work to take on, with countless lines and movements that needed to be memorized. Don't forget to grab your briefcase; you have to say irritate instead of aggravate; the list goes on. But despite all the hard work, being in the play was still extremely enjoyable. I loved hanging out with my friends and laughing during rehearsals.

All of the rehearsals came to a head during our final week when I performed in my first and last show at MWHS as a senior. I was so nervous! I kept telling myself that I've had this memorized for weeks and had nothing to worry about, but I still had jitters. Then I walked out on stage and performed. It felt fantastic!

The cast of "The Odd Couple" celebrating after the Friday show

Lily is a senior and is excited to be graduating this year. She will be attending Sarah Lawrence College. Follow Lily at @journalingirl on Twitter.

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