Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 124 - Hilltop Teacher: We Are So Lucky to Work in this District!

 Today's post is from Hilltop Elementary Art Teacher Klair Hans

As an art teacher, my students are used to seeing the classroom full of paint, paper, brushes, clay, and even weird stuff like soup cans and cardboard cities. But today I had a special surprise for them… an owl!

Brett Seiber is a naturalist from Three Rivers Park District who visits Hilltop regularly to teach students about the great outdoors. He does everything from showing animals to making real maple syrup with the kids. When he offered to bring his owl to art class, how could I say no?

The third graders have been learning about gesture and contour drawing. Gesture drawing is a quick sketching method, meant to capture the movement of the subject. Contour drawing is a much slower drawing process that focuses on the lines and details of the subject. After doing some quick gesture drawings, the students made a detailed contour drawing of the owl. Here are some pictures from today:

We are so lucky in this district to have a naturalist like Bret. Hilltop principal Nancy Benz is currently working on obtaining a grant so we can keep him here next year, too. Who knows what animals you might see visiting the art room next fall!

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