Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 28 - Proud Member of the White Hawk Community

Today's post is from junior football player Shane Henry

As you walk the halls of Mound Westonka High School you don’t really see much out of the ordinary. Though when you become involved and are a student or staff member here, you come to your senses and realize what amazing opportunities and paths we have to follow as the building blocks for every single White Hawk future -- whether you’re a terrified eighth grader, or a senior excited about what your last year holds. We ALL have special and unique qualities that make me, Shane Henry proud to be a member of the White Hawk community. Growing up I looked up to what seemed like the most “amazing” and “gigantic”, though sometimes intimidating, upperclassmen. Now today, here I stand sharing with all my fellow classmates, as a now ELEVENTH grader, how proud I am to be one of those upperclassmen.

I am proud to say that I love showing pride for my school in several ways. Whether it’s on Friday Nights, on the field or court, around the community, and for that matter around the state, I take pride in representing the amazing qualities this school has to offer. As the famous quote goes: “It’s a great day to be a White Hawk.” #MWHSPride

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