Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 27 - Thankful to be a White Hawk

Today's post is from senior Student Senate President and Homecoming Queen Alex Riffle

As I begin my final year at Mound Westonka High School, I can confidently say that I am PROUD to be a White Hawk. Though, I’m not only proud to be a White Hawk, I am THANKFUL to be a White Hawk. We enter this school as a small eighth grader, not quite sure of what to expect, and leave as an individual. High school is time of growth and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to go along with on this crazy journey of growing up, all while managing grades, activities, sports, and relationships.

What makes me so proud to be a White Hawk? One of the many reasons I am proud to be a White Hawk is because of all the opportunities I have been offered. At Mound, a student can pretty much join any sport or activity that their heart desires. I was able to join the tennis team last year with no experience or skill whatsoever. And when I say no skill whatsoever, I’m not kidding here. This was my first sport that required some amount of hand eye coordination, which is not my strong suit. I've also had the opportunity to compete in two International DECA Competitions, some of the most influential experiences of my life. Lastly, in my final year, I've had the opportunity to be student body president, a DECA Officer, a link leader, and a member of NHS. As cheesy as it may sound, all of these activities have shaped me into the person I am today.

All the support I have received over the years is another reason why I’m so proud to be a White Hawk and a member of the Mound Westonka community. Support from teachers, classmates, guidance, staff, and people I hardly even know, make me proud to be a White Hawk. Like the rest of us, I’ve had my share of bad days. Days where I felt like my brain may explode, days where I could squeeze a stress ball all day long and still be stressed, and days where I’ve been talked about in a not-so- nice way. Something I’ve learned from days like these is that there is ALWAYS a White Hawk who will be there for you. That's something unique that I love about this school. How many places can you identify that always have someone supporting you and wishing for your success? Not many.

But what makes me the most proud to be a White Hawk? Day by day, it’s the little things that make me the most proud. From being asked how my day is going by a teacher, to receiving a simple “congratulations!” after being crowned Homecoming Queen. Gestures similar to these make my day that much better, and make me proud to be a White Hawk.

Mound may not be the absolute best at everything, but I know one thing is for sure, Mound has some of the absolute best people. People that will stick by your side, support you in your successes and failures, and help you grow into the individual that you hope to leave this school as. That is why I’m not only proud to be a White Hawk, but I am eternally thankful.

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