Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 26 - ¡Me gusta mucho Mound Westonka!

Today's post is from David Bormann, Spanish teacher at MWHS

I have to admit that I seriously considered writing some of this in Spanish just to see if anyone would understand it. Well… here is something for you. ¡Me gusta mucho Mound Westonka!

Four years ago, I decided to move from teaching in a small farming community to the big metropolis. I was so proud I finally made it to “the big city”, only to find out that most of my students don’t even consider Mound that big! I’ve come to learn the tight knit feeling of family within the school fit both perceptions – “small schools, big opportunities.”

When it comes to this feeling of family, I have come up with a list of things that make me proud to be an MWHS teacher.

  • Smiling faces
  • Kids yelling across the parking lot to say hello to teachers and each other
  • The community turning out to help a fellow teacher in need
  • Seniors coming back to visit, excited to share how they’ve continued studying Spanish in college
  • Dedication of parents
  • Teachers who take pride in what they do and truly care
  • Administration who work their tail off to give us everything we need
  • Students who will often go the extra mile
  • Opportunities in my career to dance Gangnam Style with a pie in face :) 

Because of these things, I have truly felt accepted as part of this MWHS family. Coming home everyday, I have fun stories to share with my wife. This job has been fulfilling not because of what I teach but rather whom I am teaching. For this, I am proud to be a White Hawk. ¡Muchas gracias!

Profe David Bormann

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