Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 164 - Westonka Summer Institute Pride

Today's post is from junior Mitch Wanous

Ni Hao! Women qu zhongguo! (Hello! We are going to China!)

#MWHSPride is going to China! The Westonka Summer Institute trip this year is to China. A group of 12 students (including myself) and 2 teachers are leaving for China June 1st, for 10 days. We couldn’t be more excited to immerse ourselves in the diverse culture, look at the differences from the US to China in everyday life, and try some new -and very interesting- foods!

Before we even left we started our adventure. We read sections of the book China Road -A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power by Rob Gifford. Gifford traveled to China and got the Chinese citizens view on their quickly changing culture. We each had a chance to share our thoughts on the sections we read and it gave an introduction to the Chinese culture we will be experiencing first hand. We also had the opportunity to watch various Harvard Lecture videos about various topics from business to school. We shared the presentations with the class and got an idea of what to look for as we look at the differences from the US to China.

Our journey will take us through 3 cities in China. First Beijing, where we will get to see the Great Wall. Next we travel to Xi’an where we will go to the site of the Terracotta Warriors. Finally, our trip comes to an end in Shanghai, arguably the most modern and americanized city in China. Along the way we will have multiple chances to stop and explore the chinese markets, hoping to find cheap sunglasses to give as souvenirs to our friends.

For me the food is the most nerveracking part about traveling to China. I don’t think my midwestern stomach will know what to with scorpion. Regardless, I know we are all anxious to board the plane for the 13 hour ride and start one of the greatest and most memorable adventures of our lives! 

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