Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 148 - MWHS Pride Then & Now…

Today's post is from science intervention education paraprofessional Amanda Bruckner

Not only was I born and raised in Mound and graduated from MWHS, I now have the distinct privilege of working at the same high school that I attended. I also live in the district and raise my own family here as well. If the fact that I grew up here and still have not left does not show the massive amount of pride I have in my town and schools let me share a few more pride filled reasons with you.

Growing up and going to school here is a memory I have come to treasure. I have a profound respect for the way in which I was able to grow up. I had the pleasure of being surrounded by a community of businesses, students, teachers and people in general that really take care of one another. The great care MWHS takes in surrounding their students with a quality education not just based on content, but based on culture, current events, practicality, and overall care and well-being of the person themselves was evident to me when I was a student and is evermore increasingly evident as a staff member. I believe this sense of pride and caring overflows into the community and that is why so many of us have chosen to continue to live here and grow our own families amongst such an involved community and school.

When they say it takes a village to raise a child I am proud to say my “village” was and is Mound. As most students know you can’t go anywhere in this town without recognizing or knowing someone. This community has always stayed small enough so you know the grocery store clerk at Jubilee foods because you went to school with her daugher. Or you know the local jewelry store owner and workers at V & S because your grandfather bought all your grandmother’s (and granddaughter’s) jewelry there, and my husband and I picked out our wedding rings at that very same store. That is pride surrounded in tradition and a foundation of love.

Anyone who has lived here long enough knows the term “Moundite”. Simply put, it means you grew up here, you still live here and now your family goes here. And if you’re lucky enough to be a “Moundite” through and through, you will even go to school with your cousins. Yes, my children now have the thrill of going through school with their cousins by their side!

I love my town, I love our schools, I love the community pride, I love the people that will help to shape my children into the adults they will one day become.

Amanda and her family

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