Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 141 - Proud White Hawk Golfers

Today's post is from junior MWHS Golf Captain Cori Anderson

Besides the snow melting and the weather getting warmer, spring is the best time of year because golf season begins. I've been part of the girls golf team for four years and there is nothing I will miss more upon my graduation in 2015.

I love the golf team for so many reasons. The first is my teammates. The girls on the team are so out going, fun and passionate for the sport. We share so many good memories, and everyday we know we're just going to make more. I'm proud to be on such a close knit team.

As a team we've improved enormously over the last year, and there is nothing more fun within a sport than winning. One of the best memories I have, is the beginning of last season when we beat Orono. Every one of us was celebrating with loud cheers, even our coach could hardly control her excitement. I don't think our coach had ever been so proud of us.

Golf is such a unique sport in many ways which is why it's one of the most satisfying. It's both an individual and a team sport. If you shoot an awesome round it helps the overall team score, while also helping your own score within the conference ranks. I always look forward to matches, because unlike most sports, in golf you interact with opponents in a non-aggressive environment. As you play your match you get to know other girls in the conference.

Golf is such a unique sport and I'm proud that I've been able to be apart of so many successful years. I can't wait for our achievements to keep growing as we gain new members of the team. MWHS golf team makes me proud to be a White Hawk!

Cori and the 2012-13 Golf Team

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