Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 140 - Life Changing Counsel….From a Former Westonka Administrative Assistant

Today's post is from Administrative Assistant of Food & Nutrition Services Deb Bailey

Like many of our community members, both my husband and I graduated from Mound Westonka along with our children, siblings, my parents and my grandfather Cappy Jones was a teacher/coach at Westonka. Mound is where I met and married my husband, Sean Bailey (Beanie) and when we were blessed with children we started thinking of which school they would attend. For myself, I wanted a larger school district experience for our daughters. I thought that a larger district may have more opportunities. For my husband, there was only one choice, he wanted to live and raise our children in Mound and his choice of school was Westonka.

It was Community Education’s former Administrative Assistant Heidi Petty that counseled me to try Westonka for our then preschoolers. She took the time to literally sit me down and share her respect for the district, coworkers and children she helped each day. I witnessed the love and care she shared with each small person. Heidi’s dedication and attention to every detail helped me to understand the level of professionals working at Westonka, and I wanted my children to learn and grow here. So, we enrolled our twin daughters in Westonka’s Community Education Preschool program and once we were here, we never left!

In 2012 our daughters graduated from Mound Westonka High School. Both daughters experienced an incredible list of accomplishments due to the many outstanding opportunities available which helped them to become well-rounded, responsible young adults. While Westonka offers many opportunities for students, which is exactly what I was looking for when my children were preschoolers, I have learned that what is more important to my family are the connections made each day with students. I am continually amazed at the lengths Westonka employees will go to in order to help students. Administrators are approachable to parents, students and community members. Teachers truly enjoy sharing their skills, knowledge and strive to make personal connections with students and parents. Paraprofessionals, nursing professionals, facilities and food service all take pride in their work because they care about the students and families here at Westonka.

Looking back, I am so grateful that Heidi took the time to personally sit down with me and make such a heartfelt connection. She truly wanted only the best for our daughters……and we got that!

I am so appreciative & proud of our wonderful community and school district. Thank you!

Evan and McKae Bailey

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