Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 134 - The Littlest White Hawks

Today's post is from Early Childhood Educational Assistant Kristin Smyth

Many of the MWHS students began their educational journey in the Westonka Early Childhood program. I am privileged to be a part of the "Sunshine Room" for the last seven years. One year as a parent, and the following six as the Assistant Teacher at Shirley Hills Primary School.

I have loved watching the preschoolers grow and become successful students. It gives me great pride to see them soar into their elementary years and beyond. I'm sure many of the students can recall how much fun they had in preschool with Mrs. Sotak, or any of our preschool teachers at Hilltop or the Early Childhood Center. Perhaps they can even remember taking home "Sunny the Bear" for a weekend. It's a fun activity where we read in class what Sunny did at a students home for the weekend. Oh, the stories we hear! Mrs. Sotak and I will often open up the old notebooks and read what happened all those years ago.

What is unique about the Westonka Preschool program is how it provides an inclusive setting for children with special needs. This early intervention creates caring and accepting environments for all students. Given the times we live in today it is crucial we foster acceptance, understanding, as well as compassion for others. This, in turn, helps even our youngest students become successful and kind humans. We see this flourish as they grow into the young adults at the High School level.

White Hawk pride is already strong in these four and five year olds. I am proud to spend my days with the littlest White Hawks!

"The Sunshine Room" team! 
Mrs. Rachel (para), Miss. Fellers (Early childhood special education teacher), Mrs. Smyth (assistant teacher), Mrs. Sotak (teacher) and Mrs. M (para)

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