Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 133 - Hockey Pride and Accomplishment

Today's post is from freshmen Elliana Burris

The moment I probably felt the most pride in our school was my eighth grade hockey year. Our team accomplished so much and advanced further than we ever had...we made it to the state tournament. Making it to the State Tournament has always been our major goal. Once I made the team it was my personal goal to do everything I could do to help the team make it there. 

In the beginning we were off to a great start being undefeated for our first nine games before we had our first lost to Holy Family. This put us down a bit but we didn’t let it affect us. We continued to work and get in shape and at the time we hated it but we knew it would only help in the end, which it did. Into section playoffs, we had a bye in the first round; this bye gave us the push we needed. The year before the girls made it just as far but losing to Hutch in OT in the finals. This was heart breaking for all of them so the older girls were very determined to not let that happen again. 

The final game was probably the best game I have ever been in. Everyone on the team was skating as hard as possible, not one person had an off shift. We didn't have many people in our stands that weren't parents or grandparents but we weren't really focused on that at the time. The adrenaline in everyone was at an ultimate high and the game was crazy. 

I instantly become happy every time I think of the period three buzzer sounding, and all of the girls hockey team flooding the ice screaming and crying because we knew we had made it state. I can't wait until the next time I feel that, the best feeling in the world, pride and accomplishment!

2012-13 MWHS Girls Hockey Team

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