Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 130 - Middle Schoolers, DECA & Shark Tank! Oh My!

Today's post is from Grandview Language Arts teacher Julie Thomas

Over the last two weeks, I experienced what are now my favorite moments of the seven years that I have been a teacher in the Westonka School District. Students in my 7th grade language arts class created a business based on a service or product. The groups developed the target audience, marketing strategies, profit margin, and funding needs of their businesses. Students worked tirelessly on designing a presentation to showcase their business in the "Shark Tank" on April 8th. The "sharks" or investors were 5 senior DECA officers: Matt Hejna, Willie Maahs, Mark Randklev, Alex Riffle, and Courtney Simonson.

It was a pleasure to watch my students proudly, yet nervously present their businesses to the Sharks. Each presentation was unique and conveyed the personality of the individuals in the business. Students skillfully managed to memorize information in order to actively engage their audience. Groups maintained their composure as the Sharks asked questions at random and offered deals that were lower than desired. Prior to making deals, groups comically huddled together to decide on which deal was the best for their business. After a handshake with the chosen Shark, most groups were relieved to have made a deal.

Four out of the five sharks were former students from my 2nd year of teaching. Each of the DECA students flawlessly played the role of their "Shark." With very little coaching, they asked the groups tough questions, but were sensitive when needed as well. I greatly appreciated the time and energy that each of the DECA members provided to my students.

I am proud to be a White Hawk because of the students that I teach! Both former and current, I see these students shine brightly and it makes my day!

Presenting to the Sharks

Mrs. Thomas

One of the 7th Grade Language Arts Classes

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