Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 128 - Proud to be a Hawkette

Today's post is from 8th grader Julia Peterson

I always love having the great pleasure of saying that I am from the Westonka district. Why? Well of course, this school has provided nothing but pride. Ever since starting my high school experience this year, I love talking about our schools education program, our DECA group and most importantly (in my opinion) our sports team.

One sport, in particular that has made me really proud to be a White Hawk this year, is our high school's Hawkettes Dance Team.  Having always been a pretty good team in the past, this year we really outshined the previous years with our first place sections sweep and making it to finals at state for the first time this year in jazz.

Our Hawkettes are definitely one hard-working group of girls. Five days a week, for four months for 2-3 hours a day, we train to dance and put our heart out on the dance floor, for a measly three minute dance. If you were to ask the Hawkettes, what’s your main focus for last winter?  They would not say, "lots of snow days" but they would rather want to work and practice as a team.

We may have a very close bond with each other, but we would not be the team we are without our amazing captains (Ashley Woytcke, Allie Strehle and Katie Otto). Ever since we first started the season in April of 2013, these girls have done nothing but make us the amazing dancers we are as individuals, and as a team. No one should ever say that being a White Hawk is a bad thing, because it truly isn’t. We may be a small school, but we hold a huge amount of pride!

Julia and the Mound Westonka Hawkettes Dance Team 

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