Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 93 - Our Leader Recognizes Student Role Models

Today's post is from senior DECA president Matt Hejna

I have pride in this school particularly because of our Superintendent Kevin Borg. Last year, Mr. Borg was incredibly supportive of my suicide prevention campaign for DECA. I wanted to get Dr. Dan Reidenberg to speak at Mound Westonka High School. Dr. Reidenberg is a world renowned Suicide Prevention public speaker. Mr. Borg was instrumental in helping to get Dr. Reidenberg to present in the Mound Westonka area.

Of course, last year was a very stressful year for Mr. Borg as we all know because of a high profile incident that occurred in February. Although Mr. Borg was faced with some tough decisions and public scrutiny, I remained sympathetic to him throughout. Not only does he do a fantastic job managing the high school, but also the middle school, elementary schools, and community education along with that. In addition to being a student at the high school, I am also a staff member at Adventure Club. I know that Mr. Borg has high expectations for the program as I have heard him praise the program in the past.

Above all Mr. Borg is a great leader for the entire district. Despite all of his commitments to making the entire district as superb as it is, he has managed to make time to know my name, and recognize my hard work and effort. However, I know I’m not the only student he recognizes. Mr. Borg made a trip out to the Minneapolis Convention Center on a school day to encourage the DECA Public Relations project done by Courtney Simonson and Alex Rifle. It’s Mr. Borg’s willingness to work with all students, and make sure to recognize the role models that make him a great leader both in our district and in the community. Thank you Mr. Borg!

Zach, Matt, Trevor and Sam

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