Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 91 - Proud Parent and 25 Year Community Member

Today's post is from parent and community member Randy Lee

Mound Westonka residents have always taken pride in it's community and schools, especially the high school. Kristin and I had never heard of Mound until we were in college at Gustavus and met many other students who were from here. They spoke fondly of growing up on the lake, the small town feel, loving high school and being Mohawks. Many of those students have become life long friends of ours.

After living in Chicago for 6 years we were given an opportunity to move back to Minneapolis. We wanted to live on the lake and because of those friends from Gustavus and all of the wonderful things they had said about where they grew up, the first place we looked was Mound. We've now lived and raised our family in this community for 25 years.

The high school meant many things to our older children (Erik-class of 2006 and Anna--class of 2007), but for Kristin and I it meant excellence, opportunity and participation. We all know how well our students do in the classroom via the outstanding test score results each year. There were, and are, plenty of difficult courses being offered that pushed and challenged them both. Academic pursuit was important to both of them and the high school provided them the rigor they needed.

The beauty of the high school's size is there are numerous opportunities to get involved and participate. Whether it's sports, the arts, academic teams, DECA, Link Crew, band, language clubs, dance line, student council, band, pop singers, choir, cheer leaders, you name it, the high school gave them opportunities and they participated. They felt a part of something at the high school. They enjoyed participating in their activities, but also supporting and cheering on their friends as they competed in their activities. They developed that Mound Westonka Pride we hear so much about.

Eventually, they graduated and chose to go to college, Erik went to Denver University and Anna went to Colgate for under grad then Vanderbilt for her graduate studies. The well-rounded education they received in our school district and specifically at the high school had prepared them for the challenges that college would present.

Our youngest son, Torsten, is now halfway through his 8th grade year at the high school. We have no doubt that the high school will challenge him academically and offer him numerous opportunities to be involved and participate during his high school career. He has a great group of friends who are also on this journey with him. He is a proud White Hawk!!

Anna, Randy, Torsten, Kristin, and Erik Lee

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