Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 89 - Dodgeball Champion Pride

Today's post is from junior Tony Christopulos

My name is 
Tony Christopulos and I am a junior at MWHS. I recently entered a team of guys into the 2014 MWHS Dodgeball Tournament. I drafted a team with the supervision and assistance of Michael Abegglen. The team consisted of two sophomores by the names of Wilson Priefer and Owen Young. Four juniors filled the remaining six places on the team consisting of Ross Ellingboe, Michael Abegglen, Reid Dahl and myself. Last, but definitely not least we hired a water boy by the name of Blake Rosenberg to accompany us on our journey through the tourney.

I have competed in the annual MWHS Dodgeball Tournament since I was in eighth grade. It has been my lifelong goal, or since eighth, to play in the championship in front of our humungous student body. This year my dream finally came true. My teammates and I fought through the tough competition and made it to the semi-finals. We had not lost yet as we took the court in the semi-final match against team Rahn. The whistle blew and the match began. It was a battle until the end of the match when team Rahn had three contestants left versus myself. One by one I eliminated team Rahn and we triumphed as we knew we were headed to the championship during the Snodaze assembly on Friday. The celebration was unreal, but we soon began to focus up for best two out of three matches we would compete in on Friday.

The day had finally arrived. It was Friday and my team was fully prepared to conquer team Tierney and defy all odds in order to take home the hardware. The assembly began with some announcements and videos as we warmed up for the match-up. Before we knew it Mr. Hiebert blew the whistle and game one was underway. The wrestlers came out firing and caught us off guard as they took the first game. Game two was a different story. We were well prepared for round two as we took down team Tierney to tie 1-1. The match came down to game 3. We knew who to target and defeated team Tierney as they failed to hit one of our athletes in the final game. As the sixth man was hit the senior class sitting courtside for the epic championship stormed the court. We hoisted the trophy and celebrated one final time as 2014 champions!

Ross, Wilson, Tony, Michael, Blake, Reid and Owen

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