Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 78 - Pride from MWHS Foreign Exchange Students

Today's post is from foreign exchange student Mikkel Christiansen

Hey my name is Mikkel and I'm an exchange student here at MWHS and this is the reason why I'm proud to call myself a White Hawk.  When I was in Denmark I played a lot of soccer, but I have never experienced such a bond between players on a soccer team until I got here. When I first met the soccer team in late August I felt right at home. I felt like “here’s finally a team that has the right connection”.

If I only could say one thing about my team is it that they might not be the most talented team I have played for, but they are definitely the best. I actually enjoyed the practice just as much as I enjoyed playing the games. I got excited on Mondays by the thought about playing soccer with the best team ever after school was over.

The sports are not the only thing that I like about MWHS. I’m not the biggest fan of school, but I surprisingly don’t have a problem dragging myself out of bed in the morning knowing that I have to attend school. The biggest reason I don’t have a problem with the school here is because I have good friends, good teachers, and really good classes.

If it wasn’t because I would miss my old friends and my family so much, I would definitely stay here and finish my education. I wished that I could stay here for more than just a year. Because one year is definitely not enough time to see all that I want to see and try all that I want to try. I’m proud to call myself a White Hawk, and I’m proud to say that this is my school!

MWHS Foreign Exchange Students
From left to right: Luk Fleddermann, Lara Schulte, Alexis Olvera, Kesha Nowack, Mikkel Christiansen, Oskar Danielson and Vincent Rominger 

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