Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 73 - MWHS Staff Instills a Love of Learning

Today's post is from 2012 grad Benny Haug

My primary reason for being proud to have graduated from Mound Westonka is the work that faculty and staff do beyond what is required and the opportunity for academic success and personal growth this produces in students. Through incentive assemblies and opportunities such as the Westonka Summer Institute they recognize students who are flourishing in the classroom as well as develop students for life outside the class. I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the Westonka Summer Institute in China. Each of these events could not be completed without the commitment and hard work of the faculty and staff at MWHS. 

The highlight of my senior year of high school (2011-2012) happened in October. I was recognized as a “KARE 11 Academic All-star”. To this day, I do not know who nominated me for this award, and I am perfectly okay with this. So many of the teachers go above and beyond what is needed and care not only about my learning their subject matter, but also about my personal growth as a human! I want to thank all the staff for instilling in me a love of learning as well as preparing me for what lies ahead in life.

Benny and KARE 11 reporter Tim McNiff

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