Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 39 - Best Four Years of My Life

Today's post is from Paige Beyer, a 2013 graduate of MWHS
Nostalgia provides a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of joy and an insurmountable amount of pride. At Mound Westonka High School a sense of community is created with a place to relish in our accomplishments and to cherish and embrace the way they make us feel. Even though our trophies can break and certificates can fade, we must always make an effort, wholeheartedly, to remember and cherish our school's success, as it is a result of our very own MWHS pride.

Growing up, you always hear “college will be the best 4 years of your life.” As a student of Mound-Westonka High School, I was always skeptical. I was blessed to have an amazing high school experience that I doubted my college experience could possibly beat my time at Mound-Westonka. As a current freshman at the Carlson School of Management - University of Minnesota I am eternally grateful for everything Mound-Westonka taught me and have yet to be convinced that my college experience may possibly be better than high school.

Mound-Westonka prides itself upon its unique ability to provide ‘small school advantages’. As a student I struggled to grasp what this truly meant until I was a part of a university nearly 50 times larger. At Mound, I was taught the importance of forming meaningful relationships. It is evident that teachers work hard to make themselves both approachable and available to students. I am proud to say my teachers at Mound are some of the most inspiring and influential role models in my life, and I am fortunate to have formed lifelong connections with them.

The connections made at Mound-Westonka will be nothing short of everlasting as there is a ceaseless amount of camaraderie. The close-knit community I was apart of is rare and one that should be treasured. At MWHS I was taught the importance of interpersonal relationships, how to effectively communicate, and each interaction I had there positively impacted me and better prepared me for my future. So now the questions remains, will college be the best 4 years of my life, or has Mound Westonka impacted me in a way that’s too tough to shake? Assuming it’s the latter, I am confident I will forever have pride in Mound Westonka High School. 

Paige and Willie
MN DECA State Officers

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