Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 33 - What Is White Hawk Pride?

Today's post is from Zak Edington, sophomore at MWHS

At Mound Westonka we rarely ever dominate in sports considering that we are one of the smallest schools in our district. For our football team winning one game in a season is considered good.  What is White Hawk pride? White Hawk pride is people going out for sports year after year trying to improve. When students go out for something bigger than themselves and become a part of a family it doesn't matter if they have a winning or losing season. After losing a hard fought game - being in the weight room the next day with your team family is our pride. Constantly trying to improve, not only to benefit ourselves, but to benefit our team is our pride. The commitment and loyalty we have at MWHS is what we take pride in.

We pay the four dollars to get in a football game to see our team play their hearts out even if a win doesn't come often. The way we cheer after one touchdown when we’re down by three is proof that we take pride in our sports no matter what the record. We are always loyal and will always stay loyal.

Here at Mound Westonka we are a family and even though we may not be the most dominant in every sport, we still take pride in being apart of this family. I think anyone who has ever played a sport here would agree with me. So if you ask me that's what I would tell you Mound Westonka White Hawk sports pride is: family, loyalty, and commitment.

Zak in his Sports Marketing class

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