Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 6 - Mound Westonka Nice

Today's post is from Lee Schmalz, a 10th grader new to MWHS

I am proud to be a White Hawk because of the kindness amongst my classmates, sports teams, and community.  I have felt very welcomed to this school and town because of many generous people.  I just moved here from Becker, Minnesota and the first thing I noticed is how nice everybody is.

In the first four days of school I haven't met one person that wasn't nice to me.  It is a big difference from my old school where everybody kind of has their group of friends and they don't really talk to or get to know anyone else.  Here, almost everybody is friends with everybody and are welcoming to new students.

I don't notice this only in school.  I notice that all of the people of the Mound Westonka community are kind to each other.  Right as we moved here a few weeks ago almost all of our neighbors came to meet us and let us know that if we ever need anything they would be happy to help.  I lived in my old house for around 10 years and I never met some of my neighbors.

Another thing is that when the White Hawk wrestling community heard that my brothers and I were joining their team, they organized a day at the beach with dinner supplied by one of our friends that owns the Minnetonka Drive-In Restaurant.  It was a fun night to get to know a lot of nice people.

I am proud to be a White Hawk because of the warm welcome I received from everybody.

Lee Schmalz with 5 new MWHS friends 

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