Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 14 - Being a White Hawk in the MWHS Band

Today's post is from Gretchen Chilson, music teacher and community member

Whew! The first few weeks of school are in the books, and what a great couple of weeks it was! My perspective is from the band room, but I know my sentiments are echoed by other teachers, coaches, and advisors who have had a crazy-but-rewarding first few days here at MWHS. 

Our bands hit the ground running --- our Pep Band had just four days of school to prepare to play for the first home football game two Fridays ago. So, I want to use this venue to thank everyone who made our crazy first few weeks a success: 

Many 9th graders spent the summer learning our school song, and really stepped up to learn a folder full of pep music in only 3 days of rehearsal. 

Our upperclassmen have already showed their terrific leadership, and not just musically. We made some changes to our "usual" pep band routine, and they took it all in stride -- rolling with the punches and keeping an awesome attitude. 

Our amazing parent volunteers, who endured a HOT Fast Start event to do uniform fittings, and then planned a fun tailgating event as a thank-you to the band. 

Terrific student volunteers who helped put the band room back together (again, in HOT, un-air-conditioned conditions) after our room was re-tiled over the summer. 

Our drumline, who learned brand new music at our percussion camp, and performed it at the first day of school assembly.  

Our awesome community and fans -- many of whom took the time to thank myself and/or band members for being at the first home football game. 

...and many more. It really has been a whirlwind, but once again I can sincerely say I'm proud to be a White Hawk! 

Photo by BJ Johnson

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