Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 12 - MWHS Curriculum Night

Today's post is from Missy Graner, a parent of students at MWHS and Grandview Middle School

After 12 years in the Westonka school district, this year marked something new, exciting and slightly intimidating for our family. It was the first year that we sent one of our kids to MWHS. We had missed the information night back in February and the 8th grade orientation night had been cancelled due to all the construction, so we were feeling a little unprepared for the transition.

The first week of school came and went, and Logan had a great experience. Navigating the school wasn’t as tricky as he was predicting, the workload wasn’t as overwhelming and the school lunch was awesome.  That said - I know nothing about MWHS, nothing about the teachers, the leadership, or the support staff, so when I received notice about Curriculum Night, there was no way I was going to miss it.

I made sure I arrived in the gym for Curriculum Night plenty early – we were warned it was going to start promptly at 7 and we were going to be kept to a tight schedule. When I sat in the gym and watched the staff introduced, I could just FEEL that they were an amazing group and that all four of our kids who will come through the doors of MWHS are going to be in good hands.

As the night went on, things just got better. As I met with teacher after teacher, I couldn't believe how professional, engaged and enthusiastic they all were. MWHS is teaching skills to these eighth graders that will ensure that they are successful in high school, in college and beyond. The teachers are embracing new technology, with all the complications that it brings. This is truly 21st century learning!

I'm so happy and proud to be part of this school district. You are doing amazing things. What a great place. We're so lucky.

Logan and Missy

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