Saturday, May 20, 2017

MWHS Harbor Group - there for anyone who needs a friend!

Today's post is from senior Link Crew Leaders Addy Davis and Kali Anderson

This is our second year of Harbor Group at MWHS. Last year, the current senior Link Crew leaders went to go see Mike Smith talk about why he started Harbor Group through Jostens yearbook company. His speech inspired us senior leaders to create our own Harbor Group at MWHS.

The reason why we wanted to start this group was because we wanted to create a better student culture in our school. We wanted to bring together people that normally wouldn't think about being friends and to be there for anyone who needed a friend. Harbor Group was not a mandatory group for Link Crew leaders to be apart of, but many seniors joined because they wanted to have an impact on the under-classman at our school.

Last summer 4 of our members (Ariel Crawford, Adeline Davis, AJ Bomar and Megan Martin) along with the 5 Link advisors got the chance to travel to Orlando, Florida for the Josten’s Renaissance Conference. At this conference there were breakout sessions that the group split up and attended where they learned different ways to make Mound Westonka a better place. They also got to see Jordan Sparks perform, go to DisneyWorld and meet the face of Renaissance, Mike Smith. Everyone had a great time and learned so much that they were able to bring back to MWHS.

With the help of the Link Crew advisors, we were able to do fun things with the under-classman. This year, we went to the Roller Garden for a night of roller skating and traveled to AirMaxx for a fun night of jumping. Harbor Group has done many things to improve our school culture and all of the seniors that have been apart of Harbor Group have had such a fun time and are excited to see where the group will go within the upcoming years. We are so thankful to have started this group here at MWHS and have grown as people because of the support we have given the under-classmen.

Megan, Addy, Mike, AJ and Ariel

Link Advisors and girls

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