Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 167 - Three Family Members Visit China

Today's post is from 2013 grad Jenna Hoogeveen

As I am home reflecting on my first year of college being completed, I am distracted by Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and now the Blog where posts are being published talking about the trip to China that students from the high school are on right now. It reminds me of my chance to visit there through the Westonka Summer Institute. Talk about Westonka Pride! I was so excited when that letter came stating I was going to have the chance to go to China with my friends and a couple teachers.

Both my older brother and sister had the same opportunity and from their responses when they returned home, I knew I wanted to visit China as well. The things they were able to see, learn and experience was something I wanted for myself too. Thanks to many staff, school board and Superintendent Borg for helping to make this possible. The pride I had when I was at college saying “oh, I went to China when I was at my high school” was incredible. The next question would also be asking me where I went to high school. I replied “Mound Westonka” without hesitation. When I tell them my sister went to China and both my brother and I went to China and Peru in high school -- they are truly amazed.

I would encourage all students at MWHS to consider applying to the Westonka Summer Institute. It is so worth the extra time in preparing and the cost. Who would have ever thought that me, my brother, and my sister would all visit the Great Wall of China independently of each other before graduating from high school? I hope this program continues for many years. My mom needs a picture of my younger brother Adam and the Great Wall to complete her frame. I am waiting for the pictures of the current group in China to post their pictures from the Great Wall, and more. It’s fun to relive the moment through their experience.

If you want to check on their adventure you can visit their blog at You can even leave a message for them to read!

The Westonka Summer Institute is Westonka Pride happening beyond the school year!

Laura Hoogeveen - China 2008
Jenna & Kyle Hoogeveen - Peru 2011

Jenna - China 2012

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