Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 161 - Proud MWHS Assistant Principal

Today's post is from Assistant Principal Marty Fischer

I had the opportunity to attend my 20th Graduation Ceremony this past Sunday. It was great, as always! As I was listening to great speeches, incredible music, and countless accomplishments, I was reminded the commencement is just the beginning. In fact, the word “commence” means to begin. Kind of odd as you sit at a ceremony recognizing the end of an extensive period of time of hard work and dedication.

But every end is a beginning. What makes me so proud to be the Assistant Principal at MWHS is the number of people in this school and community who understand that. We don’t have the “Let’s get through it” attitude that can permeate communities. We have the “Let’s do this and make it better than the last time” attitude.

I am proud to have worked with our 2014 Graduates for the past five years. Many are nervous for the next step, but they are going to face it and know that what they have learned will go with them. They will not forget their roots while still embracing the future. This is a new beginning for them.

I am proud to work with faculty and staff who don’t look at tenure as an end. Rather, they embrace the chance to continue their hard work and dedication to the students of MWHS for many years to come. When they begin each new class, each new semester, and each new school year, they do it with passion, differentiated instruction, and revamped curriculum. All this is done knowing that new relationships will be formed as we get them ready for their next step. The whole process of preparing them for the future forces us to have less and less control and more and more of letting them go. Just like parenting—we slowly let them go, but we make sure the tool box is full!

I am proud to work with students who, as they leave my office after making a poor decision, realize that those situations are over when they leave. They may have some amends to make and some consequences to take care of, but they know that they have been heard and that their passion is appreciated. Now they have a chance to go out there and make a different choice the next time, never reducing the amount of passion they bring to any new situation.

I am proud to work with parents and community members who don’t see their children graduating as an end to their involvement. Many grab onto this opportunity as a chance to remain involved in many different capacities, from volunteering, serving on committees, running for School Board, and donating their financial resources to advance the many efforts that are well underway. Continual improvement demands new beginnings.

Being a White Hawk is something that gives me a lot of pride. I GET TO work with the most amazing people in the state—people that are always looking for ways to begin new things while learning from the past. It truly is a great time to be a White Hawk!

Mr. Fischer taking pictures with several 2014 grads

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